Winning Social Media Marketing Strategy

Winning Social Media Marketing Strategy
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How Brands Can Develop a Winning Social Media Marketing Strategy

As the year 2023 draws to a close. Some businesses are reflecting on their Winning Social Media Marketing Strategies, losses and making plans for the coming year.

Despite the challenges and changes of the past few Years.

There are valuable lessons to be learned about social media marketing strategies.

One key takeaway is that COVID-19 led to increased engagement on social media platforms.

The trends observed over the last few Years have also sparked interesting developments in social media. Therefore business owners should take note of, particularly in relation to marketing on these platforms.


Here are a few ideas and suggestions that would help brands position themselves for success in 2024.


Relationship-based Social media Marketing

In 2024, it will be more challenging to keep people interested and increase the number of followers. If we continue to rely on the same tactics as before.

The years 2020 to 2023 brought about significant changes. Only brands that are adaptable will be able to succeed in the future.

Several months ago, a study revealed that approximately 75% of respondents do not view advertisements as truthful.

This is concerning but understandable, given the growing scepticism among social media users. With the rise in fake news accusations and the proliferation of unethical marketing tactics, it is not surprising to see this trend.

It appears that the only followers you can maintain are those with whom a genuine relationship has been established.

The only ones that can be acquired are those with whom a real relationship is developed.


Therefore Trust has never been as crucial in marketing as it is in today’s social media landscape.


In 2024, marketers should allocate more time to building relationships with their employees, customers, and influencers relevant to their niche.

Studies show that 70% of customers trust other consumers more than they do advertisements.

This makes absolute sense and is why word of mouth advertisements and referrals. Which have remained one of the most effective marketing tools across times.


Incorporate a variety of platforms into your approach.

Social Media Marketing

In 2022, TikTok reached an impressive 672 million downloads, surpassing the expectations set in 2021. This success can be attributed to the additional time provided by lockdowns.

The trend towards consuming content quickly and in shorter video formats has played to TikTok’s strengths, with Facebook and YouTube following suit by introducing their own versions of this feature.

The immense popularity of these contents indicates that marketers should take advantage of them to promote their brands.

It also suggests that incorporating some of these emerging platforms could give your brand a fresh boost.

This is crucial for many brands in 2024 if they want to break free from the monotony of traditional Facebook and YouTube marketing. While it is important to adapt your marketing strategies across all platforms.

It might also be time to generate new content on new platforms.

This is because the millions of predominantly 16-24-year-olds who enjoy TikTok may not be actively using Facebook or Instagram.


Take advantage of the increase in live streaming.

Social Media Marketing

An increase in the viewing of live videos on social media has been observed as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and the accompanying lockdowns.

Live videos have been utilized to compensate for the lack of physical presence in meetings, family gatherings, and various other occasions.

As live videos became more popular, they also presented a new opportunity for marketers in 2020 and beyond.

The high level of engagement that live videos received has made them the most-watched video content on social media.

This has revived the trend of event marketing, which had declined in 2018.

These types of content make your audience feel like they are being invited into your home and given a special tour.

Given the current rate of live video consumption, many people are likely to accept this invitation, making it a powerful way to foster relationships and build loyalty.


Create social media content and actively participate in social activities.

As per the Q4 2020 Media Insights Report by Merkle, indicates that 56% of Consumers, do not hold any respect or loyalty towards businesses that choose to remain silent on important matters.

This is the present reality. With various political and other changes occurring globally and in the United States due to the events of 2020 to 2023, it is imperative for your business strategy to take a stance.

Your stance on issues will gradually become an integral part of your brand identity and help strengthen your customer base, hence you must be cautious while selecting your words.

When making decisions, it is important to take into account both socially important factors and business-related factors.

Instead of getting involved in partisan issues, it may be more effective to provide valuable information on social matters that appeal to a wider audience.


Regardless of the approach you choose, it is evident that in 2024 and beyond,  Social media marketing strategies will be greatly influenced by your brand identity and how you contribute to social issues.


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