Introducing”Island Spice Showdown: A Culinary Extravaganza”

The cooking show that sets the kitchen ablaze with passion, flavour, and a dash of spice!

Forget everything you know about traditional cooking shows;

Island Spice Showdown  is here to redefine the culinary landscape.

Bringing together a melting pot of amateur and professional chefs who showcase their skills in the sexiest and wildest cooking competition ever witnessed.

Hosted against the breathtaking backdrop of the Canary Islands, our show takes cooking to a whole new level.

We believe that cooking has few boundaries, and TASTE is the ultimate judge.

Island Spice Showdown aims to break the stereotype of high-end chefs dominating the culinary scene.

By giving everyone, from seasoned professionals to passionate home cooks, the chance to shine.

Each week, seven contestants will compete in a sizzling showdown.

Presenting five culinary creations that reflect their individual styles and tastes.

The sixth challenge will be the ultimate test.

Our contestants are tasked with creating a dish using locally sourced ingredients hand-picked by our team.

Cameras will follow them every step of the way.

Whether they’re on an island excursion or navigating the local markets for their unique ingredients.

The judging criteria are simple but exciting

Random viewers from around the Island will be the ultimate arbiters, scoring the contestants based on a 5-point system.

The more entertaining, funny, and yes, even sexy, the contestants are, the higher the scores they’ll receive our Viewers Online.

It’s a culinary spectacle where personality and creativity are just as crucial as the dish’s taste.

Island Spice Showdown not only provides a platform for talented chefs to showcase their skills.

But also serves as a stepping stone to build or boost their social media following.

and the Winners of each Week come back for the Ultimate Showdown on a unique Location and compete for the Ultimate Prize. 

The Canary Islands’ exotic charm and vibrant atmosphere offer the perfect backdrop for contestants to unleash their culinary Talent and captivate the audience.

Join us on Island Spice Showdown:

Culinary Showdown, where the heat is on, the flavours are explosive, and the next culinary sensation could be just a dish away.

Who knows, we might uncover a rough diamond ready to dazzle the world with their unique culinary creations.

Get ready for an unforgettable cooking adventure that pushes the boundaries of taste, entertainment, and, of course, a little bit of island magic!